About Our Foods

We pride ourselves on creating menus that best suit the needs of our customers within Australia and around the world. There are over 2,000 recipes and over 180 million meals for customers in the airline, defence, healthcare and food retail industries have been produced. And we’re proud to say many of our customers win awards using these menus.

Fresh Food, Snap Frozen

Using spiral-freezing technology to lock in the freshness of a ‘just cooked’ meal within minutes. These freezing processes naturally preserve your meals to deliver a nutrient-rich, convenient and long shelf-life meal solution.

Food Research and Development Lab

C3 in conjunction with a research and development lab can create and test premium quality meals and packaging solutions. We know people are our best asset. Chefs, food scientists, nutritionists, microbiologists and food safety professionals work together to provide the highest quality and standards for all products.

Food Quality and Safety ​

We take food quality and safety very seriously. It’s integrated in everything we do. From designing a menu to the heating of a meal. ​Our globally recognised accreditation means you can always rely on us for the consistent delivery of high quality food.

Sustainability ​

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

We recycle all delivery boxes and chill liners. Just keep them handy for your next delivery, and we’ll ensure they are cleaned and sanitised to keep our foods correctly stored and chilled.

Since we started we’ve reduced our:
• Water usage by installing rainwater tanks and, where appropriate, re-used production cooling water.
• Water usage by installing rainwater tanks and, where appropriate, re-used production cooling water.
• Landfill contribution with the introduction of organic waste composting and the increased recycling of plastics and co-mingled items.
• Use of electricity by using LED lighting and installing variable speed drives and refrigeration set point adjustments.
• Natural gas usage with the introduction of boiler efficiencies.

We continuously work to improve our business practices in line with creating a sustainable environment to work in. If you have any questions regarding our food or process, please make contact with us via email: info@c3food.com.au