When in Rome Garlic Bread 450 grams


‘When In Rome’ Garlic Bread Twin Pack


1.Preheat oven.
2.Remove product from packaging and place in the centre of the oven.
3.Cook for recommended time or until golden brown.
Oven Type Temperature Time
Conventional/ Gas 200 °C 18 to 24 minutes
Fan Forced 180 °C 18 to 24 minutes

Cooking temperatures and times are provided as a guide only.
Ovens will vary between brands.
Product must be fully cooked before consumption.
Product core temperature must reach ⩾65⁰C
Caution: Product will be hot. Take care when handling


Ingredients: White Bread [Strong Flour [Wheat Flour, Folic Acid, Thiamin], Water, Yeast [Yeast, Water], Vinegar [Water, 260], Iodised Salt [Salt, Potassium Iodide], Canola Oil, Improver [Wheat Flour, 300, Enzyme], Preservative contains: 281].

Margarine Spread contains: Margarine[Vegetable fats and oil(Palm), Water, Salt, Vegetable emulsifiers(471, 472c), Natural Flavouring, Antioxidant (304), Natural colour(160a)], Rehydrated Garlic(15%), Canola oil, Dried Parsley(0.2%),Water, Acidity regulator(330).